Christopher J. Bessert: Portfolio Samples

Displayed here are a very small sampling of some of the maps and other projects I have completed in the past few years. Additional examples, hardcopy and/or digital versions are always available upon request.

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Webmastering & Web Design

Michigan Left Turn graphic

Michigan Left Turn graphic - detail
Michigan Left. Created for the Michigan Left section of my Michigan Highways website, many of those visiting the site are unaware of just how a "Michigan Left" even works.

An earlier version of this graphic, featured on the site for over a decade, was featured in several mainstream newspaper articles, including the Traverse City Record-Eagle, and The Bay City Times.

For a website redesign effort in 2013, I completely redrew the graphic which is featured at top left at 50% of its actual size and at bottom left half of the graphic is shown at actual size.

Michigan Left Turn

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This is a website created, authored and maintained by Christopher J. Bessert as a portal for information about him, his GIS, mapping, cartography, transportation-planning and webmastering projects, as well as a home for his resume, portfolio and a listing of many of the computer technologies and softeware he knows how to use.