Christopher J. Bessert: Technology

In my 21 years of professional experience, I have utilized and, in many cases, mastered the use of many different kinds of technology. From computer operating systems to software packages to networking abilities, a sampling of those technologies I have utilized is included below.

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Operating Systems

Windows 7 logo

Windows XP logo

Citrix logo

Solaris logo

Windows 7

Windows XP



MacOS Sierra logo

iOS logo

Android logo










Software, Etc.

ArcGIS 10.3 logo

ArcGIS 9 logo

ArcGIS Online logo

ArcGIS Server logo

ArcGIS 10

ArcGIS 9

ArcGIS Online

ArcGIS Server

ArcFM logo

ArcInfo 7 logo

ArcIMS logo

ArcSDE logo


Arc/Info 7



MapInfo Professional 10.5

MapBasic logo

MapInfo Professional 6.5

Quantum GIS logo

MapInfo Professional 10.5


MapInfo Professional 6.5

Quantum GIS

Googe Earth logo

AccuGlobe logo

PDF Maps logo

AutoCAD LT logo

Google Earth


Avenza Maps



Oracle logo

Microsoft SQL Server logo

Adobe PageMaker logo

Microsoft Excel logo


SQL Server

Microsoft Access

Microsoft Excel

Adobe Illustrator logo

Macromedia Freehand logo

Adobe PageMaker logo

Adobe PageMaker logo

Adobe Illustrator

Macromedia FreeHand

Adobe InDesign

Adobe PageMaker

Adobe Fireworks logo

Adobe Photoshop logo

Adobe Flash logo

Adobe Dreamweaver logo

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Flash

Adobe Dreamweaver

Adobe Acrobat Professional logo

Microsoft Publisher logo

Microsoft Word logo

Microsoft PowerPoint logo

Adobe Acrobat Professional

Microsoft Publisher

Microsoft Word

Microsoft PowerPoint

Microsoft Visio logo

Microsoft Outlook logo

Microsoft Lync logo

WiseImage logo

Microsoft Visio

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Lync


Fontographer logo

Graphic Converter logo

BS&A Software logo


Graphic Converter

BS&A Equalizer


Mozilla Firefox logo

Safari logo

Google Chrome logo

Microsoft Internet Explorer logo

Mozilla Firefox

Apple Safari

Google Chrome

Microsoft Internet Explorer







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This is a website created, authored and maintained by Christopher J. Bessert as a portal for information about him, his GIS, mapping, cartography, transportation-planning and webmastering projects, as well as a home for his resume, portfolio and a listing of many of the computer technologies and softeware he knows how to use.